The contract is between Client and Counsellor, please read prior to initial appointment.

The following agreement is between: …………………………………. Client 


And: …………………………………. Counsellor

Date: …………………………………

Aim of Counselling

The aim of counselling is to provide you, the client, with a confidential opportunity to explore any personal and relational issues in a safe and secure setting. As your Counsellor, my role is to help you through this process. I work from a Person-Centred way of counselling which means I work in a non- judgemental way and without telling you what to do.  I may on occasion offer information to you or a suggestion, however these suggestions can be discarded if they do not feel right to you, the client.

A more detailed description to the therapy offered, can be found at


All sessions last for approximately 50 minutes, typically on the same day and time for both short or long-term therapy. 

Session numbers will be discussed within the first meeting and then after 6 weeks, to ascertain where you feel you are with regards to continuing of working towards an end. You may choose to end the counselling sessions when you wish to, alternatively you may find that the work comes to a natural end. In each case a closing session is an important part of the therapeutic process and is encouraged.

If for any unforeseen reason you are late to the session, we can only continue until the end of the allotted time. Cancellation of an appointment must be made within 24 hours, any appointment cancelled where less than 24 hours’ notice is given, must be paid in full. 

If the counsellor cancels the appointment within 24 hours, the next session will be free for the client. 

All appointments must be made online through RH Counselling Website (Unless cash payment is made in advance, in which case I will book your appointment, you will receive confirmation and a copy of invoice sent via email, within 24 hours of payment received.


To ensure an open exploration of the reasons which have brought you to counselling, RH Counselling Service maintains confidentiality in accordance with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) of which I am a member. I practice under the guidance of the Ethical Framework for good practice and am bound by their code of ethics, which can be found at 

Exceptions to Confidentiality

In cases where human safety is at risk, the following exclusions to this confidentiality apply:

1. If there is risk of harm to either yourself or to another person.

2. If there is a safeguarding risk to either a child or protected adult.

3. If I am instructed by the courts to give information

4. If you share information relating to proposed or actual acts of terrorism or another illegal act.

If RH Counselling feels that either you or someone else is at risk of harm, I would first endeavour to discuss with you my decision for breaking confidentiality. Depending on the circumstance, this may be to your General Practitioner (GP), a Social worker and/or the Police. However, I retain the right to break confidentiality without prior consultation with you, should I consider that the urgency of the situation requires me to act immediately to safeguard the physical safety of you or others.

You may request that RH Counselling share information concerning you with a third party. In this case I would require written permission from yourself before I can carry out the request.

Confidentiality for couples, Families and groups

When couples, families or groups meet for counselling, there are times where we will meet all together for counselling and other times where you may meet individually with me.

When individuals from these groups attend single counselling sessions, I will not reveal any confidential information shared within an individual session, with partners, other family or group members unless written consent is given by the individual.


RH Counselling service is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and abides by General Data Protection Regulation.

Information held by RH Counselling is used solely for the purpose of our work together. 

RH Counselling will not share your details and where notes are kept on our sessions, pseudonyms will be used to protect your identity.

Information sheets are transferred to classified electronic records within 2 hours of receipt and the paper copy is destroyed immediately.

RH Counselling, by law requires to keep notes for up to 3 years, after which time, all files are deleted safely.


All Counsellors who are members of the BACP are required to monitor their work through supervision. Supervision is a formal arrangement for counsellors to discuss their work anonymously and regularly with an experienced counsellor/Supervisor, this is to ensure ethical standards are being adhered to throughout the counselling process and that the needs of the client are being met at all times.


Introductory session: £25 for a 30-minute initial meeting. We will discuss how the therapeutic process works and talk over the contract. 

Further sessions: £40 for individual and £70 for couples.

Payment can be made either by cash, Bank Transfer or on the website at  through the PayPal option when booking your session.

Bank details will be given upon request.

All payments must be made prior to your session to secure booking.

Contact me

Tel: 07708003675

Please leave a brief message if there is no answer as I may be in a session, alternatively you may send me a text message, I will reply at my earliest convenience. 



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm Regards

Rebecca Hay

RH Counselling Service Ltd